Therapeutic Approach


Mental health is integral to overall health. Our response to emotional, cognitive, and behavioral concerns makes a difference.

You, or perhaps someone close to you, may be struggling with issues that are intractable and now have made the decision to seek professional assistance. This comes neither easily nor comfortably. Feelings of apprehension, reluctance, and ambivalence are normal. Contrary to any self-talk that seeking help is a “sign of weakness”, it is just the opposite. Engaging in therapeutic change is a bold and courageous act.

With the goal of helping people become emotionally healthier and valuing their right of self-determination, I utilize an eclectic approach to treatment, e.g., client-centered, solution-focused, cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT), family systems. Individuals feel safe and set the pace of treatment.

I welcome speaking with you confidentially about any matter of concern. Nothing needs to be “broken” for a person to benefit from counseling or psychotherapy. At the right time, it can be invaluable, even life-saving.

Areas of Clinical Focus: depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, ADD & ADHD, bipolar disorder, adjustment disorder, crisis counseling, grief counseling, couples counseling, career change.

Military Service Members: I am a volunteer therapist with the national Give An Hour Program.